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About Body Heat Hot Pilates And Yoga

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga® is a cozy boutique spa like enviornment offering between 90-120 classes per week, depending on location. We have wide variety of heated fitness and yoga class that challenge the mind, body and soul. We offer classes for the beginner all the way to advanced.

Benefits of Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga®

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Look no further than exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore.

why bodyheat

Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga®’s spa-like cozy atmosphere invites you in as a student but will have you coming back as a friend. The flickering candles, fresh flowers and glow of the fireplace cater to your senses. Our front desk staff and instructors provide you with a friendly, positive experience while you enjoy a full body and mind workout. The state of the art amenities allow you to feel pampered as you indulge in our wide variety of classes that will make you feel challenged and successful whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

The Body Heat certified school offers training for fitness professionals as well as those looking to advance their workout or practice. Some of the area’s most acclaimed instructors began their journey on a Body Heat Teacher Training Course.

A few of the many perks of Body Heat include:

  • Full service amenities in our spacious locker rooms
  • Fresh lemon and cucumber water
  • Chilled lavender towels for after your workout
  • Up to 15 classes throughout the day

At Body Heat Hot Pilates & Yoga® we’re helping people just like you get into the best shape of their lives.We believe that pilates and yoga are for everyone. The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits found through one’s practice can be life-changing.

Specializing in hot pilates and hot yoga as well as other body sculpting techniques, our classes focus on toning muscles, strengthening the core, detoxifying, weight management, increasing flexibility and endurance while cultivating inner peace and calmness. And because comfort is key when working out, we offer only the finest amenities in a state-of-the-art, spa-like environment, catering to both men and women.

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Reviews Of Body Heat Hot Pilates And Yoga

Bekki Jo Tressler

BEAUTIFUL studio. Great energetic classes. Something for everyone.

2017-04-25 08:33:24

David Johnson

It is the cleanest and friendliest studio in Las Vegas. The instructors are fabulous and the owner is a sweetheart.

2017-04-25 08:33:04

Les Lee Shell

Love this studio! Great classes, instructors and facility. The live music flow is brilliant.

2017-04-25 08:32:36

Cat Todaro

Great variety of heated classes! comfortable, clean studio with compassion and no judgement!

2017-04-25 08:32:18

Tina Flanigan

More than 5 stars please! I can see why more locations are popping up. #yogayourself #getfit

2017-04-25 08:31:56

Brenda Frandsen-Porter

Awesome power yoga instructors. Beautiful studio and very nice atmosphere.

2017-04-25 08:30:48

Cindy Lee

Best studio ever!! Lovin it so far!! Tough work outs! Well needed!

2017-04-25 08:30:16

Samantha Carter

Absolutely LOVE this studio my home away from home. Best classes and instructors!

2017-04-25 08:29:41

Joseph Haefs Tattooer

Love it hear. Very clean great instructors. Good vibes & positive energy

2017-04-25 08:29:18

Matthew Roxanne Nalbone

I love it here!!!! They are always improving and adding personal touches to the studio.

2017-04-25 08:28:18

Meka Pruitt r

Love everything about body heat Pilates! It's changed my life!!

2017-04-25 08:27:48

Mathew Micheletti

Love this amazing community of genuine, lovely people!

2017-04-25 08:27:14

Erika Yeske

Love body heat!! Such a fun and clean place. 5 star all the way

2017-04-25 08:26:58

Lindsey Albers

Love this place. My classes will be starting soon!!! Make sure you come take a few

2017-04-25 08:25:37

Sarah Snajczuk

My FREE week has been amazing. I can feel the difference in my body in just the past 4 days & cant wait for another class tomorrow. EVERY instructor has been fantastic!

2017-04-25 08:25:19

Tammy L. Fry-Townsend

I highly recommend Body Heat! Outstanding workouts and I have met so many wonderful instructors, staff, and students. Love my Body Heat family!

2017-04-25 08:24:53

Ron Blackwell

The best hot yoga, and hot Pilates classes ever! The best instructors, in an awesome studio.

2017-04-25 08:24:24

Nancy Damar

Absolutely love this studio! Every class I've taken has been excellent, but I never miss Sculpt with Ashley on Sunday nights or Flow with Greg on Tuesday nights. Sure would love to see these amazing instructors on the schedule more often!

2017-04-25 08:24:01

Pamela Duefrene

Love this studio!!! First time doing Hot Yoga and now I am hooked! The instructors are awesome, great atmosphere and the studios are so clean!!

2017-04-25 08:23:45

Nina Alvarenga

Absolutely love it! A variety of teachers to challenge and inspire you. Try it out! You will see what I mean. Namaste!:)

2017-04-25 08:23:22

Molly Trucano

This is seriously my favorite part about living in Las Vegas. I will be so sad to move and not experience this studio anymore. Highly highly recommended for both the classes and community.

2017-04-25 08:22:53

Jim Jette

Practiced at studio while visiting family who moved west. Nice space and very friendly staff. If I lived in Henderson, this would probably be my home studio.

2017-04-25 08:22:30

Jennie Sturges

Love it here!! I always feel.amazing.when I leave, the staff is friendly and the studio is always very clean.

2017-04-25 08:22:08

Stephanie Long Atkinson

I love this place and all I've done so far is the barefoot bootcamp. After the class is over I feel like a million bucks!

2017-04-25 08:21:52

Javier Molina

At 64 years old,I survived my first yoga class at this studio!All the instructors were very helpful and considerate of my knee issues.(Shout out to guru Tara and guru Anastasia!!!)Thank you for making me realize It's never too late to start yoga!

2017-04-25 08:21:27

Jennifer Ruzsa

Visited and felt like a local! Loved the class and when I visit Vegas I have my go to place!

2017-04-25 08:21:07

Angela Drake

Amazing teachers! ❤️ and soul Yogablissgasims. What a beautiful life to choose yoga and it be a place and space offering true authentic yoga... In love

2017-04-25 08:20:45

Brandi Ellis

There is no way to describe how Body Heat has changed and enriched my life. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive and they truly have the best instructors. Thank you Body Heat!

2017-04-25 08:20:25

Holly Hisel

Had to freeze my membership for a year after breaking my foot. Since I've had an opportunity to come back, I've been having a blast trying out the variety of classes available. The teachers are super supportive and the staff is always full of smiles. I'm pumped to be back!

2017-04-25 08:20:04

Sherrie Serrano

Best hot yoga studio I've been to thus far. I've been going to this studio for almost a year now and I cannot be thankful enough for the progress I've made because of the instructors of this studio. Each instructor has a different style but they each all equally offer support, encouragement and inspiration to find your truth thru the practice of yoga. When you come out of class, you literally feel like a much better person. Thank you!!

2017-04-25 08:19:49

Lily C. Wong

I love BodyHeat. Management Ceci is so amazing, she always upbeat happy to greet you when you walk in the door to the studio. Love my favorite power couple teachers Greg & Susan. Of course Celine is always my all time best teacher ever. All the other teachers are awesome too. Overall BodyHeat is a very well organized studio and the facility is very clean and I highly recommend this studio to everyone. Go try out the place, they have 2 locations.

2017-04-25 08:19:28

Lissette Hall

Sincerely enjoyed my first hot yoga class with Instructor Stacy at the Summerlin location. Looking forward to adding heat to my practice. What a great boutique, and I love how the water is made with "cucumber, mint, & LOVE" -- glad to have found a great studio as a newcomer to LV!

2017-04-25 08:19:08

Jaclyn Beaudreau Cummings

One of the things I am going to miss the most when I move to San Fran tomorrow, is Body Heat :) The people, the place, the instructors... Everything! I have been going for over 2 years and I love the variety of classes, the friendly staff and the cleanliness. I hope I can find a place half as good in SF. I will truly miss you all!! Thank you for a wonderful 2 years.

2017-04-25 08:18:48

Gabby Duarte-Lopez

Great hot yoga spot..They have a new student intro special $30. For 30 consecutive days..this has allowed us to try more than one class. They have a variety of classes and all staff members are so helpful. Will definitely be going back soon!!!

2017-04-25 08:16:20

Ailina Calip

I have been attending body heat for the past 3 years and I have met the most wonderful, knowledgeable and friendly yoga instructors here. The facility is always clean, smells nice and welcoming. From the beginning of my practice to now, I have always felt very comfortable attending any classes there. Truly a wonderful facility!

2017-04-25 08:15:45

Ladyn Waitn

I love this studio and the awesome instructors! I have been practicing this studio for over a year, after trying many others around the Las Vegas Valley. This place felt calm, inviting, and truly like home for my practice. I am very grateful for this space and the support of my instructors there! Thank you!

2017-04-25 08:15:20

Petra Pierrot

My favorite and best yoga teacher since I moved here from NY.......Renee Powell! She starts out with an excellent body awareness warmup. I am not a fan of the dozens of cardiotic chaturangas and long wait in down dog, most students tend to lose focus, alignment/improper form and may get injured. Renee's flows are very efficient, not rushed. They merge gracefully into each other. You feel the effect, you feel the melting, feel the love, feel fantastic. You work hard, is challenged safely, effectively. She teaches with every part of her. Not hard to tell she does enjoy teaching. Thanks very much Renee for great classes. Each class is different. I am not alone in my thoughts...spoke to fellow students who shared same�

2017-04-25 08:14:53

Stephanie Mazza

I absolutely love Body Heat yoga. It's my favorite studio in town bc the teachers are amazing, the studio is pristine and beautiful, clean and great staff! I enjoy that it's not huge and the students have more sense of community and it's more a personalized experience. I am so grateful for Body Heat bc it's the studio I really found my yoga practice and fell in love with it!

2017-04-25 08:13:02

Charlie Core

“I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact your facility and staff has made in my life. I have been doing yoga on and off for years, but your staff and the energy you all create is by far the most consistent and motivating in Las Vegas.”

2017-04-25 08:12:41

Jeremy Haar

“Only 6 months since I joined, I am under 200lbs for the first time in four years, but more importantly, everyone involved in the studio community are extremely nice and very special people, especially the teachers. I have finally found a form of physical and spiritual exercise that is very comparable to by belief structure.”

2017-04-25 08:12:00

David Johnson

“Your studio is the best! I love love love your classes and the staff are awesome!”

2017-04-25 08:11:38

Rick Porter

“Finally a Hot Yoga class that leaves you feeling medium-rare instead of well done! I have tried other hot yoga programs where the temperature hits the teens during class, and left the session looking for relief. [company_short] keeps the temperature in the room just around 100 degrees and my body thanks you for that! The yoga has spice and variety and offers different time commitments. The location is very clean without the aroma of the previous class “hanging out” as the floors are composed of a cushioned hardwood instead of carpet. The men’s locker room is spacious with two showers - always immaculate. The staff are friendly and quickly remember your name. If I get tired of yoga I can always check out a pilates class all for the same price. Thank you!"

2017-04-25 08:11:22

Angie Latiolait

"This studio is immaculate, clean and amazing! I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and have never been to a nicer studio. They always have fresh flowers and aromatic candles burning, and the bathrooms are the best - so clean and nice with large, soft towels, big showers and sinks with amenities that make it easy to clean up and go to work. I feel at home in this studio. I love the two studios. The floors are hardwood, so there is no smell - in fact it always smells fresh. Each teacher has their own personality and style, all positive and fun, so taking various classes lets you experience yoga and pilates in a different way, which I personally like. I can’t recommend this studio enough - it is a MUST visit!”

2017-04-25 08:11:06

Kathleen deLeon Jones

“The teachers are inspiring and allow you to work at your own pace. I am able to listen to my body, without pressure, without judgement and practice in a safe and beautiful environment. When you walk in, you know that you're in for a treat. It is nice, without feeling overwhelming. The change room is immaculate, and the decor is inviting and clean. The teachers and students are so warm and so receptive to one another. If you are lacking friends, you are sure to find many here. I am thrilled to find a haven of calm here in Vegas”.

2017-04-25 08:10:45

Celssie Hardy

I really like the environment and pretty much how the entire business operates. The people at the front desk are always very friendly, every instructor I've taken a class from I've enjoyed, and I feel like I'm getting a good workout in no matter which type of class I'm taking. I like that the space is small but always very clean and well put together.

2017-04-25 08:10:28

Jaclyn Beaudreau

The variety of classes. The teachers. Cleanliness. Friendliness. Great place! Great People!!

2017-04-25 08:10:11

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