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About Ayuryogashram Ayurveda Center

An Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kerala. In the abode of ‘God’s own country’ find our little haven, Ayuryogashram, one of the best ayurvedic treatment centers in Kerala. Whatever be your personal requisite, you are seeking ayurvedic rejuvenation in Kerala, complete with good sessions of Kerala massage, Kerala ayurvedic treatment in tranquil settings, then this ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, Ayuryogashram is the chosen one. Yes. There could be many places, resorts and ayurvedic centers in Kerala offering ayurveda therapies, treatments that include customized treatments too. You could also find ayurvedic massage centers in Kerala that offer good relaxing and rejuvenating massages. All these treatments and therapies work in unison to take care of nagging aches and pains, illnesses, help combat weight gain and obesity and thus aid weight loss, address lifestyle sicknesses and thus achieve a good mind-body balance. And to seek out a place that has a little of everything and more and a place that is just waiting to be discovered for Kerala Ayurveda, it is Ayuryogashram!
Experience Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala
Enveloped in verdant green, surrounded by meandering paddy fields and hills in the horizon completes the picture-perfect setting of our resort, Ayuryogashram, a renowned Kerala Ayurveda wellness center where we offer the best ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. What is it that draws you to Ayurveda? Have you heard about its many health benefits? Do you want to undergo the best ayurveda treatment in Kerala? And have you heard that Kerala is the abode of Ayurveda and the place has been one of the earliest exponents of practicing Ayurvedic therapies and treatments? Ayurveda in Kerala is a major draw and it has its own innate charm and beckons guests to undergo an ayurvedic therapy and treatment package. Therefore, to feel completely rejuvenated and revitalized in the best ayurvedic centre in Kerala this in our understanding would of course be, Ayuryogashram.
An Inimitable Ayurvedic Treatment at Ayuryogashram
The building symbolic of traditional Kerala architecture at its best, this ‘nalukettu’ evokes a sense of curiosity and you know that there is a story to unearth here, in this sought after Kerala Ayurvedic centre
We assure you, from the moment you arrive here, you have reached your own personal sanctuary, and the days spent with us in the lap of nature, our hospitable services and personalized attention, you will leave here with a bouquet of memories, and consciously look forward to the next time you can be amidst these pristine surroundings to unwind and relax!
And with every passing year, we are sure you would block a date to renew the Ayuryogashram experience!
Our Ayurveda symbolized therapies, programs and packages ensure that you will have a Relaxing, Revitalizing and Rejuvenating holiday that just spells Memorable!

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C.Quesada Alic/ Spain Spain

I spend a beautiful time in this Ashram. all of them were so nice with me. I will nerver forget!!. I hope to get the possibiliti to come again. I love all you !! gerda

Jagat Patnaik Baiden-Wirttemberg, Germany

Though this was our first visit to Ayuryogashram we experienced good treatment in a very good atmosphere. All the staff members here were very co-operative and friendly. apart from that we had a very good company of other guests, who were undergoing treatment with us. We congratulate Mr. M.P.K. Nair for his ayuryogashram and with this to florish further with the help of Mrs. Bindu. Many thanks goes to Dr. Pillai and Dr. Anitha

Ryan Mahandran Singapore

I have lost 15 Kgs, All because of the treatment and food. Will be back with more people for a better healthier life. Staff were wonderful especially, Dinesh, Ramesh, Diaz, Noufir, Radha and Bindu. I also loved the walks I had with Mr. Nair although he doesn't talk

Felix Gregory 8, ginsj 2/46, Subang Gayo Selangor, Malaysia

What an experience!. I will always cherish the wonderful time I had at Ayuryogashram Thank you Thank You! Thank You

Rajan Kanagasooriam 1503,-2900, Battke ford Rd, Missauga, Canada

Hello, to the team at Ayuryogashram, We like to thank you all for your kind services and treatment rendered to us during our stay here. We appreciate all the friendly, smiling faces, May God Bless all you

Frederic PASCAL 3, Avenue DU, Giffre, F-74100 ANNE MASSE France

As a travel agent since 25 years, I have visitor many hotels in India. Ayuryogashram is certainly for me one of my best memories. For me this is the real luxury. Human relationships at any time, a great and tasty food, excellents ayurvedic treatments, a wonderful yoga master... happiness! in a beautiful nature be assured of my return and my advertising. Stay like this . I am very sad to leave you.

Kerstin Holmberg Radmansg, 7 11425, Stockholm, Sweden Switzerland

The staff have been absolutely wonderful, as usual. they are always amiling and they really make you feel very special. The massage is fantastic. The staff in the kitchen are so service minded, you get whatever you ask for no problems. The doctors are very caring and professional. We really appreciate the familiar feeling at Ayuryogashram and the possibility to get close to the staff.

Mr. Fred and Ida Martyn Martyn Australa

A big thank you to the very accomodating staff, always service with a smile. Our stay of 2 weeks has been very relaxing and Fred has experienced good improvement and has been assured of more positives in the weeks ahead. I too feel rejuvenated-although I only came to accompany Fred...ending up with improvement to my little ailments. Our gratitude to the therapists, kitchen staff and cook, cleaners, admin staff, Doctors for lookign after us, making our stay comfortable and enjoyable. It has been a good experience and great meeting the different groups of people here too. We look forward to another visit. A big thank you to Mr. Nair for leading us on the morning walks.

Hanna and Omnia from Sudan

There are no words to express our feelings. Its a bitter sweet thing that we are leaving after 21 days of relaxing, happyness, comfortable and perfect hospitality . To all our new family. Mr. Nair, Dr. Anitha, Bindu, Mr. Unnikrishnan, THANX A Lot for everything, you made our 21 days much easier with your lovely smile and your perfect service. We feel so sad because we are going but, will be back soon. Luckily we met a nice group of people which made our stay even more comfortable and enjoyable. Its just like we are going to our home from our home, and to our family from our family. All the Staff [Thank you very much we love you 2.11.2012 Hanna and Omnia Sudan

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