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Art Of Pilates

21 Reviews
-Kelly D.
“My wife and I have been attending Pilates classes for over four years and we are very impressed with both the instructors and management. The facility is always clean and we’ve been fortunate to have consistency in our instructors with very little turnover. Michelle is awesome and she pushes us to our limits while always bringing variety to every session. I highly recommend Art of Pilates and more importantly encourage people to try Pilates. I went into this with doubt and now find it has done wonders as a weekly tune up for my body and eliminate the typical aches and pains as someone in my fifties.”
-Paola N.
“About 6 months ago, my physical therapist recommended Art of Pilates to me after experiencing months of lower back pain. I can’t begin to tell you what a positive difference pilates and the instructors have made in my life. The instructors are amazing– extremely knowledgeable, patient and skilled. The classes are challenging and have been great therapy for my back. Highly recommend!”

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