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About Him Veda Ayurveda Panchakarma Center

HimVeda symbolizes efficacy and reliability of Ayurvedic treatments for disorders which are posing a challenge to the modern system of medicine. Ayurveda is as simple as mother nature itself. Simple yet not simplistic We have kept our working principles simple to match this simplicity. How we treat : Our doctors rely on the ancient ‘guna’ based concept of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a highly personalised system of medicine.Medicine in two patients of the same disease may totally differ because of the differences in ‘Prakriti’ (body type). Prakriti analysis is done before prescribing the medicines. Vikriti (disease) analysis is done using modern parameters like blood tests,scans e.t.c. We use our own medicines/herbs rather than falling for fancy Ayurvedic products. These medicines are made in our center from Himalayan herbs provided to us by the local farmers. We also use traditional Panchakarma therapies. We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge of Ayurveda so that they learn to self heal by following healthy lifestyle rather than being over dependent on medicines and doctors. We like to develop a strong personal bond with our patients. Food is the primary medicine and we look at it that way. Our food for the inpatients is cooked with love and care.
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1. Ayurveda Courses
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1. Panchakarma

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Him Veda Ayurveda Panchakarma Center Reviews

4.5(5 reviews)

Gurjit – Spain

I am Gurjeet Singh. I belong to Kapurthala Punjab, North India, living in Girona Spain for the past 20 years.2 years back I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis.I took treatment but I was not getting any relief. The pain continued to come and I was under constant fear. This continued for a year and I started thinking of leaving Spain. One of my friends asked me to consult HimVeda for Ayurvedic treatment in India. In January 2014 I started with the treatment at HimVeda.In the first month itself I could observe my apetite increasing and pain getting less worse.It took me two and a half months to get rid rid of the fear of pain and I decided not to leave Spain. Now I feel much better. I am still taking the medicines and following dietary guidelines. The doctors say that the medicines will be discontinued soon but I will have to follow the right diet always. I feel that if I can recover then anyone can recover from this

Diwakar kaushik

I diagnose the acute pancreatitis on 16.02.2014, kindly suggest what should I do ?

GEETA DEVI July 18, 2015

My mother age-45 is suffered from Kidney infection from last 4 months. In starating she had sweeling on her both legs & belly.She had fever & losss of appetite & weight gain for first two months .But now he has weight loss & stomach pains sometimes ,fever on morning 2nd third day.Pls guide or help.

Piotr Popławski

Dear Doctors, from our initial contact with you over email you have been so patient and helpful. I have been amazed by the lengths you go to in your desire to see that your students are well looked after in all areas, personal, academically and practically. We (me and my wife) have studied Ayurveda for 5 years. This is our first trip to India and we feel blessed to have found your school. The course content is comprehensive but taught in a very structured way. The practical sessions cover some herbs preparations, treatments, wonderful massages – people in the west will love them. It is a good balance of theory and practical experience. Above all you relate to your students in a very personal and helpful way. We feel like we have a new family in India. Thank you & Namaste. Bhaskar&Shanthi

Vero Magana

I was recently in Him Veda, it was a wonderful experience where I was in the clinic not only cleaning my body, it was still deeper because all around the panchakarma experience was deeply care, the food, the personnel, the professionalism, the care of my emotions and how I was feeling every day, made me feel at home, so I will come back and recommend really to live the experience.

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