Top 5 Most Popular Pilates Studios in Singapore

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No treadmills, no kettlebells this can fool anyone to assume pilate workouts are not tough or high intensity the fact is the exercises were designed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates a German physical trainer who focused on balance, strengthening the core and flexibility. The result is a workout that will lengthen your muscles, tone your frame and stretch every inch of your body, so do expect your legs to shake and your abs to quiver.

Convinced then there is no better way to get started than these 5 Pilates studios in Singapore the list has been sorted in descending order of popularity.


1- Focus Pilates Studio Malacca Street, Singapore


Founded in 2004, Focus Pilates Studio in Malacca Street, Singapore is the largest integrated Pilates studio in Singapore and South East Asia. With its well-equipped studio, Focus Pilates is well-known for reformer pilates classes. This studio offers 50 classes a week from stiff beginners to flexible pros.

Daniel Dittmar, Owner of Focus Pilates Studio came across the integration of Pilates with physiotherapy in 1998. Daniel has been teaching Pilates throughout Asia and Australia, including the world’s top destination spa, Chiva-Som in Thailand. Daniel Dittmar is National Pilates Certified (NPCP) and Polestar Comprehensive Studio Certified.

Focus Pilates Studio offers Private Session and Group Classes in Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Prenatal and many more. The studio also offers 25 hours Polestar Training and Gateway Course.

Location: Malacca Street, Singapore

Link To: Focus Pilates Studio Malacca Street, Singapore


2- Pilates Bodytree Pilates Studio Cecil Street, Singapore

Pilates Bodytree is the 1st Mobility Fitness Training Studio located in Cecil Street, Singapore. This pilates studio was founded by Daniel Chan, Jerry Teo and Kris Ng. The studio has expertise in Clinical Pilates, Pre & Post Natal Pilates and Pilates for Sports. For first-timers, Pilates Bodytree offers Mobility Fitness Assessment (MFA) which is a 1-on-1 session to understand the imbalances of your body and problem areas that you can then work on.

Daniel Chan, Co-founder of Pilates Bodytree is PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) Certified Teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience in group exercises and personal training.  Daniel started studying with Pilates Master Ron Fletcher since 2004. In the year 2017, Daniel Chan voted as “Fitness Best Elites – Pilates Instructor of the Year”. 

Pilates Bodytree Studio also has a Body Tree Academy (BTA), an education provider in the fitness industry. This academy is also a Pilates Method Alliance continuing education credits (PMA CECs) provider. For those seeking a career as a certified Pilates teacher, BTA offers a Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program and Pilates Matwork teacher training program.

Location: Cecil Street, Singapore

Link To: Pilates Bodytree Pilates Studio Cecil Street, Singapore


3- Breathe Pilates Studio Sinaran Drive, Singapore

Founded in 2011 with its’ first outlet at Novena Medical Centre Breathe Pilates Studio located in Sinaran Drive, Singapore. Breathe Pilates Studio is one of the first studios in Singapore to offer Gyrotonic group classes for level one and prenatal clients. As a Merrithew Licensed Training Center, the studio is led by an international team of highly qualified Pilates instructors. This pilates studio offers over 100 different types of specialized pilates classes a week across all 4 studios in Novena Medical Centre, Parkway, Raffles Quay and Galaxis. 

Deborah Wong, co-owner of Breathe Pilates Studio is a fully licensed medical doctor and first encountered Pilates more than 10 years ago. Deborah is a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor, Total Barre Trained Instructor and TRX Qualified Trainer.

Breathe Pilates Studio offers both private and group Pilates classes including pre-natal and post-natal sessions, Fat Blast, Reformer & Tower and more. The Studio also offers Stott Pilates Teacher Training and Pilates Workshop.

Location: Sinaran Drive, Singapore

Link To: Breathe Pilates Studio Sinaran Drive, Singapore

4- Sky Pilates Studio Orchard, Singapore

Founded by a group of seasoned Pilates teachers Teresa Woo, Geri Nonis and Seok Wah in 2005 Sky Pilates Studio located in Orchard, Singapore. This is one of the first-machine based pilates studios in Singapore. Sky Pilates is a multiple award winning pilates studio it received the “Best Pilates Studio Award” by Living Reader Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Seok Wah, one of the founding instructors of Sky Pilates Studio first began her Pilates lessons in 1995. Certified in Reformer & Studio Pilates by Polestar Pilates, USA Seok is now an Educator for Polestar Pilates.

Equipped with six Reformers, CoreAlign machines and a TRX suspension system Sky Pilates Studio offers group pilates to a maximum of 6 people per session. This studio also offers Gyrotonic Level 1 Teacher Training Program and Pilates Workshop.

Location: Orchard, Singapore

Link To: Sky Pilates Studio Orchard, Singapore


5- Upside Motion Studio Orchard, Singapore

With 3 pilates studios in Singapore, Upside Motion Pilates Studio in Orchard was founded in the year 2012. Over the years, Upside Motion has been widely featured and lauded in the press and media, ranging from newspapers and magazines such as Shape Magazine Sports Awards 2014, 2016, 2017 for Most Beginner-Friendly Pilates Mat Class, Most Beginner-Friendly Aerial Yoga Class and Most Conducive Mum & Baby Class respectively. 

Patricia Mortel, Senior Yoga, Barre & Pilates Instructor at Upside Motion Pilates Studio is a certified Mat Pilates BASI Instructor. 

Upside Motion Pilates Studio programs cater to a variety of levels and training goals including pre & postnatal care, flexibility, weight loss and rehab. The studio also offers Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Xtend Barre and Align Pilates.

Location: Orchard, Singapore

Link To: Upside Motion Studio Orchard, Singapore


Focus Pilates Studio Malacca Street, Singapore - Largest Integrated Pilates studio

Pilates Bodytree Studio Cecil Street, Singapore - Mobility Fitness Training Pilates Studio

Breathe Pilates Studio Sinaran Drive, Singapore - Merrithew Licensed Training Pilates Studio

Sky Pilates Studio Orchard, Singapore - Machine Based Pilates Studio

Upside Motion Studio Orchard, Singapore - Multiple Award Winning Pilates Studio

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